Minimally Invasive Brain Surgery

At Florida Hospital Orlando, we understand that patients suffering from brain tumors are faced with many options regarding brain surgery. This is why we have put together a multidisciplinary team that works together to create an individualized plan of care for every patient that provides maximum benefit utilizing the most technologically advanced facilities and equipment. We treat the common brain conditions as well as the not-so-common conditions such as brain aneurysm, trigeminal neuralgia and skull based tumors.

Florida Hospital Orlando performs more neurosurgical procedures than any other hospital in the state of Florida. Our nationally renowned neurological physicians lead this program with a commitment to clinical measures, quality, research and patient experience to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Our Vision

To achieve statewide and national prominence in the treatment of brain tumor and injury by providing minimally invasive options through a multidisciplinary team approach. We do this by utilizing technologically in advanced and integrated surgical suites to provide patients with the most effective individualized care.

If you have questions about our minimally invasive brain surgery program, call our care coordinator at (407) 303-7944 or contact us online.

The Minimally Invasive Brain Surgery Program at Florida Hospital Orlando, has treated patients from 13 States and 13 Countries.